NOW is Not The Time to 
Be Doing Things the Hard Way
MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER, Get the help, support, guidance, community and tools you Need to change your life. Tools to reduce stress, fear and uncertainty. Five days to feel better! 

And if after 5 days all you did was heal one thing in your life - but moving forward, you had everything you needed to successfully repeat that process on your own, anytime, for the rest of your life. 

Imagine having the ability to heal your heart, the ability to change your feelings, the ability to hit the reset button and start over... anytime.

That would totally be worth your time, right?! 
Choose to Change

5 Day Challenge – Next Launch – March 30th

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ESPECIALLY, if any of these feel true for you...

  • You're secretly in pain: As a leader, a mom or otherwise, you have others looking to you to set the tone. You need to heal your hurt quickly, because you don't have the luxury of down time.  
  • You're exceptionally reliable, exacting and critical: It's not your fault. In your past, someone you relied on made you responsible for their happiness. They were wrong. And now, you're not allowed to make mistakes, you're harder on yourself than anyone else. Wouldn't it be nice to just be human again, rather than feeling like you have to be everything to everyone?  
  • You don't know how to relax or "turn it off": You're hyper vigilant because - you never know when the other shoe is going to drop.  You want to stop trying to fix everything for everyone and begin to focus on you the way you should.  
  • You've tried traditional therapy: And you can't say it did much good. You disliked the scab picking quality of the process. You especially hated having to "recover" from your sessions. You wish you had a secret weapon to neutralize the pain, anger, shame, guilt or grief that you're carrying with you daily - even when you're not thinking about it. 
  • You view vulnerability as a weakness: At least for you. You pride yourself on your ability to remain calm in a crisis. You can't burden them, they have other bigger problems. Somewhere your needs weren't met and it wasn't safe for you to express yourself,  to ask for assistance, or to grow through trial and error. Unfortunately you learned this bad information from someone who learned it from someone else. You know it's time to learn better information that actually helps you in life.  
  • You're exceptionally successful in your work: But issues with personal relationships keep coming up. It's hard to forgive, sometimes for even minor infractions.  You see things in a win-lose context, there's no #2, so compromise is difficult. You can picture yourself - in the best relationships of your life; with family, friends, coworkers and community
  • You have trust issues: Too much in the wrong people,  or not enough when deserved, or perhaps both.  You believe that when you learn to trust yourself first and foremost, the rest falls into place.  
  • You feel like an imposter: You've built a good life for yourself. Still, there's a part of you that doesn't feel you deserve it, or conversely "knows", it can all be gone in an instant...  You live in constant fear. You imagine how good it will feel to relax and enjoy where you are now.
  • You hide the real you: Because "they'd" never accept the real you. Hell, there are probably days you can't accept the real you. You wonder what would life be like to yourself surrounded by people who totally get you. 
  • ​You've had to learn to be tough, strong or resilient to survive: Exposure to trauma changes who you are at a cellular level. You just want to feel safe and be able to reclaim the joy you deserve.
  • You secretly wish you could just disappear: You're not going to do anything drastic, but, if you could just -not be- mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend, boss, business owner, responsible adult, etc. for just a day or two. Just long enough to catch a breath. To step off the treadmill. To not have so many people needing so much from you. I get it, we all feel this way occasionally. What's not OK, is to feel like you have to be alone in this. Not when there's a caring community waiting to meet you. 

You won't get BONUS POINTS for doing things the hard way.
And there's no EXTRA CREDIT for doing the hard things alone.

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